Athens chocolate factory and museum 2015

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The thought of visiting the Athens chocolate factory and museum sounds like the most choco-glamorous way to spend a morning dedicated to chocolate with family and kids. Here we go!

The museum was already advertised the ”house opening” 3 months ago and our anticipation reached those ”red levels of anxiety”. What we were about to see? But when we arrived, the image of this huge, extraordinary detailed entrance decoration was looking quite promising of the interior…

Athens chocolate factory and museum 2015

After the ticket validation, a lovely lady dressed as an ancient Aztec woman offered the group of people who were coming/gathered a guided tour of the cocoa fruit and beans history. I definitely learned everything I needed to know and had the chance to hold in my hands a large cocoa fruit! I can’t describe the feeling of cocoa’s fruit texture, how velvety and smooth it was like genuine leather.

Athens chocolate factory and museum 2015As we moved forward we passed through the Aztec temple were we discovered more about the native Americans and their civilization. Then we kept walking through the Amazon’s jungle (simulation) and experienced the heat and humidity conditions.

Athens chocolate factory and museum 2015
Next we entered the main chocolate’s factory attraction, which had numerous displays of chocolate treats and other confectionary products connected to chocolate (plain, with almonds, caramel, salt, chilli, liqueur, raisins, bitter, caprice, twist, etc.) like biscuits, candies, chocolate wafers… Few steps ahead you can read some information about the complete cocoa and chocolate production process, beginning from the raw cocoa bean to the final product that is ready to reach the market (consumers).
Athens chocolate factory and museum 2015
Athens chocolate factory and museum 2015
Visitors, including kids, could also participate in the chocolate workshop, chocolate experimental laboratory. Magic is in the air!
Athens chocolate factory and museum 2015
The chocolate factory and museum is providing educational programs, activities for both kids and students. Children can also play around in different stages of activities, free of charge. Families can be photographed in 2 photo booths. You can choose between different backgrounds of chocolate or the most  funny  version I ever seen, in which you get into a large bathtub, seat down comfortably while you are covered with this green blanket. The green blanket is a photography trick. You will be surprised afterwards when you see yourself in the photo fully covered by a nice layer of melted chocolate!Athens chocolate factory and museum 2015
In the end of the trail you can buy your chocolate treats (Con: Sorry to mention, but I wasn’t impressed by the products displayed… I expected that will sell fancy chocolate products  or products of the 2 largest chocolate brands of Greece like ION and Papadopoulos too) and pick up also your photos (photo booths), which are charged accordingly by size and copies of the images you choose. But as I mentioned before, museums attractions are free to visit (the laboratory quality control with this crazy scientist in charge, the chocolate/biscuits/milk workshop, the time machine, the chocolate waterfall, the educational hall were toddler are taught how to brush and protect their teeth, etc.).
Athens chocolate factory and museum 2015
The experience of visiting this exhibition was unique and became an interactive journey through the deep history of chocolate. I believe Athens chocolate factory and museum is a must for anyone who has young children and it worth the time and effort to go there especially if you want to be photographed next to a huge sandwich biscuit! Isn’t it cute? The interior is beautifully decorated with the proper lighting and the people responsible for the facilities are very kind, patient and sweethearted.
Athens chocolate factory and museum 2015
Athens chocolate factory and museum 2015

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  1. Γεια σου Κρυσταλλία μου, εμείς πήγαμε με τη μικρη μας πριν 20 μέρες περίπου και δεν ευχαριστηθηκαμε τόσο, η μεγαλύτερη απογοήτευση μου ήταν όταν στο τέλος που περίμενα να δοκιμάσω άπειρες διαφορετικές γεύσεις σοκολάτας … δεν είχε τίποτα διαφορετικό… να μην πω για τις εξωφρενικά υψηλές τιμές για μια απλή γάλακτος ή σκέτο λευκή… άκου 35€ το κιλό και δεν πλησίαζε καν τη γεύση μιας ΙΌΝ γάλακτος δλδ. Μας κέρασαν μέσα ένα δείγμα μπισκότο και 3 σπόρια κακάο οι τσιφουτιδες και τέλος… ααα και ένα μίνι μπισκότο που στις καφετέριες τις δίνουν τσάμπα. Στη Γενεύη κάποτε που δεν φημίζεται για τη σοκολατοβιομηχανια της είχα δοκίμασει ονειρεμένες σοκολάτες … με την πίκρα έμεινα.

    • Editor says:

      Εμείς πήγαμε Σάββατο πρωί και δεν είχε κόσμο. Σε κάποια εργαστήρια περίμεναν τον κόσμο να μαζευτεί για να κάνουν την παρουσίαση. Θα συμφωνήσω όμως μαζί σου. Και εγώ είχα μεγάλη προσδοκία να δοκιμάσω κάτι μοναδικό στο τέλος. Έστω να είχαν ένα πωλητήριο με προϊόντα των”χορηγών”. Θα μπορούσα να πως ότι ξελιγώθηκα, ήθελα να φάω τόσο πολύ σοκολάτα και τελικά καλύτερα που δεν έφαγα. Δε εντυπωσιάστηκα καθόλου από τη βιτρίνα, οπότε το προσπέρασα και έμεινα με τη γλύκα. Ούτως ή άλλως δε τρώω ζάχαρη τους τελευταίους μήνες και δε μου έκανε μεγάλη διαφορά. Χάρηκα όμως που έβλεπα τόσες μικρές χαρωπές φατσούλες να τριγυρίζουν ευχαριστημένες. Στο τέλος νομίζω ότι αυτή είναι η ανταμοιβή. Να διασκεδάζουν τα παιδιά 😀

  2. This place looks fabulous! You already had me at ‘chocolate factory and museum’, but it also looks like a fascinating spot to visit. I’ve never been to Greece and now I have yet another reason calling me over. Thanks for sharing your experience x

  3. Maria Lg says:

    ΙΟΝ αμυγδάλου και γεμιστά Παπαδοπούλου ” for ever ” κατά τα άλλα… χλυαρά πράγματα…ακριβή είσοδος γιαυτά που είδαμε και γευτήκαμε…απαγοήτευση στο πωλητήριο (λίγες σοκολάτες και ακριβές),γιαυτό και εγώ μετά πήγα στο super market (τσάμπα είσοδος, πολλές και διάφορες σοκολάτες και πολλά-πολλά μπισκότα)

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