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I love to write about inspiring women and now I am hosting one of the ”zen” food bloggers behind <<Passionate about baking>> Deeba Rajpal is dear to a lot of people’s hearts, but beyond that she is a master of the Indian cuisine.

Even though we met few months ago at the ”30 days to better food photos” project via internet, I realized that Deeba can create timeless images, not only from her recipe development, but also from her life path. As you see below she has the ability to transfer one’s mind into those small moments of her everyday life e.g. at the flea market, see, etc.

One more thing, to make a long story sort, I have to mention her ability to match perfectly her props with food (styling) and this means that she makes sure to blend evenly Indian tradition with fine contemporary recipes. Let’s go now behind the blog and see all the gorgeous photos!

From Deeba Rajpal… I am honoured that you have chosen to have me over Krystallia, that you have shared your space with me to begin this new year. It is a humbling experience indeed. Food blogging has changed the way I live my life, the way see and understand food. It offered me to chance to discover a related passion – food styling and photography. Being a food blogger is the best thing that happened to me, and I am glad to share a little bit about me.

behind the blog with Deeba Rajpal

MYCO: What does a typical day look like for Deeba Rajpal? Is it focused mainly on the blog or balanced between work, family, hobbies and relaxation? Tell us a little bit about it.

My typical way begins with a million plans that I kind of put together the night before. I usually hit the ground running, and try and get some food shots in before 9am. Lunch is always quick and easy, maybe a rice dish or South Indian savoury pancakes, quite often leftovers! In between I have recipes to develop for clients, and then a few to shoot as well.

behing the blog with Deeba Rajpal

A typical photo shoot will take 30 minutes as the hunger pangs grow very fast around me. The family is almost always around, someone or the other. The dog 24 X 7. I often try and squeeze in a trip to the local bazaar as I like to pick fresh produce myself in the morning. If I find something new, produce or prop, then the days’ plans are virtually shelved. That ‘new thing’ becomes my obsession no matter what else I have lined up. I have to use it, shoot it etc.

behind the blog with Deeba Rajpal_3a

Post lunch, I am back to shooting, then maybe updating recipes, making notes, looking for inspiration etc. Recipe development, food styling and baking are my hobbies and passion. Browsing Pinterest is my other obsession if you may.

behind the blog with Deeba Rajpal

By night, I try and edit pictures, and maybe attempt a blog post. Social media is very addictive and engaging. Gobbles up tonnes of my time in the evening! I do love it though. That’s how I met you, and so many other great like minded folk. Such a wonderful learning ground!

behind the blog with Deeba Rajpal

Other distractions? A trip to see my friends, maybe a trip into the by lanes of beautiful Old Delhi to eat street food or ‘prop hunt’, or then a stopover at an intriguing new eatery in town. Small indulgences, and worth every moment spent there!!

behind the blog with Deeba Rajpal

I love traveling across India too.

MYCO: Staying inspired and creating new recipes is always a challenge. Which is your ”source” of inspiration and what will be your biggest challenge for 2015?

behind the blog with Deeba Rajpal

My source of inspiration for recipes is and will remain with local, fresh and seasonal produce. Finding healthier options for existing recipes, exploring and experimenting with new flavours, thinking more intensely on pairings and the palette. The inspiration for photography will be ‘moody’ and playing with light.

behind the blog with Deeba Rajpal

My biggest challenge for 2015 is trying to figure out manual photography ‘like others do’, and learning some basic post processing. I have to get better organised and find time for these few things.

MYCO: Indian cuisine is one of the top cuisines worldwide. Why do think that happened and could you name 3 ”king recipes” (savory or sweet) that one person should never miss eating?

behind the blog with Deeba Rajpal

Indian cuisine has spread across the world thanks to Indians who can be found right across the planet, in any and every obscure corner. Like all people, we carry our comfort zone with us. the beauty of Indian cuisine was always to use fresh, local produce. Canned food wasn’t part of our native cuisine, and everything was done from scratch until very recently.

behind the blog with Deeba Rajpal

The list is expansive and 3 king recipes are a tough pick. However, I shall go for Rogan Josh, Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani and Chola Bhatura as my top 3. Of course I can pick a hundred more and still wouldn’t touch the tip of the iceberg.

MYCO: You own an adorable dog, little Coco. Is she your ”sous chef”?

Oh yes she is a little sous chef, and at times threatening to take over the mantle of head chef! An absolute delight to have in the kitchen. All the bell peppers, the crunchy green beans, strawberries, pineapple and watermelon call her name.

behind the blog with Deeba Rajpal

She refuses to eat ready-made dog food, so I cook her meals too!I have to add that she is patient, will eat only on invitation {that is until she sees a head nod from me to go}, and is my little shadow.

MYCO: New bloggers might ask you frequently questions about blog strategy, equipment, advice, etc. Which question is the most popular and do you think that a new blogger has to have luck to be successful or must be hard working?

behind the blos with Deeba Rajpal

I think blog strategy is of prime importance. Once you figure out your own strength, you’ve got half the work done. yes, times have changed. You need luck to be noticed and recognised, but it isn’t impossible. What doesn’t work is blogging about stuff that doesn’t come to you naturally. Also blogging on everything under the sun doesn’t work that easily, as the established ones have been there, done that!

behind the blog with Deeba Rajpal

Discover your niche, work on it. Keep the topic interesting. Listen to your audience. Be an active member of the community. If you don’t share, then you might not learn too. With a million new blogs popping up every single day, blogging to be successful is hard work. Be regular, post often and make it visual.

behind the blog with Deeba Rajpal

This is an increasingly visual and creative world. Invest more in terms of time and creativity to write recipes and/ or take images. Once you get there, upgrading and investing in equipment can follow. It is the eye behind the camera, not the camera by itself that does the talking. Be inspired. Follow food blogs you love. Hang out on Pinterest. Pin often. Make your own boards.

behind the blog with Deeba Rajpal

Click often too. Study pictures you like, then try and reproduce them. Ask around. Don’t be shy. There’s a wonderfully large-hearted community out there. Be part of it, and you will be amazed at the response!

behind the blog with Deeba Rajpal

Thank you ever so much Krystallia for having me over and asking me such fun questions. I couldn’t have asked for a better beginning to the new year! So glad we ‘met’ in 2014. Hope 2015 is truly wonderful in every way, for you, for your blog and for your sweet readers!

Photography: Deepa Rajpal | Interview/Blogger: Krystallia Giamouridou

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  1. This is beautiful series. Deeba Ji is such an inspiration to so many like me. Thank you Krystallia sharing this beautiful post.

  2. Great insight into an amazing woman. Thanks for sharing this with us

  3. kiveli says:

    I loved the photos and the interview!

  4. Sonal says:

    Deeba has been so inspiring the moment I met her through blogging media. This is such a gorgeous post. Totally love Deeba’s energy and passion around food.

  5. Jayasri says:

    Interesting questions & wonderful answers. I am a big fan of Deeba her styling, Props & photography skills are outstanding. Loved this article, thanks for sharing

  6. Editor says:

    The honor and happiness of having to the blog Deeba Rajpal can’t be described. Dear friends, thank you for your comments.

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