Black Bart micro-roastery

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With the world coffee community spreading vigorously around the world, young entrepreneurs entwine their passion for coffee with real business. This Greek micro-roastery, based in the country’s capital, proves that humble green coffee beans and their explicit taste characteristics not only push the roasters’ boundaries when processing, but this job can be done in a totally fun and non boring sort of way.

Black Bart micro-roastery

Thanos, Christina and Ria wanted a business of their own, where they could implement their skills as a team with what so-called ”meraki”. Meraki is a Greek word that describes ones loyalty, passion, creativity and devotion on someones job.

Black Bart micro-roastery

The Black Bart team choose to stock carefully from reliable suppliers the coffee beans’ growing regions (including all other aspects) so as to roast their staple specialty coffee blends. Keeping the beans safe is definitely on their to-do-list. Roasting and observing the beans’ fluctuations through each stage is on the top of their list too.

Black Bart micro-roastery

Their coffee beans are roasted in a fully controllable modern machine with temperature probes and monitoring system.

Black Bart micro-roastery

Each roast is crafted with special care in order to bring out every one of coffee’s inherent characteristics. Their goal is to be able to derive great satisfaction from the coffee’s profile with accuracy and consistency. It is absolutely clear that they are proud of what they ‘ve build so far – after all it’s part of the reason you can enjoy every brew, knowing you are in the best hands possible!

Black Bart micro-roastery

The key part of a roastmaster is to know exactly when to stop the roasting process at the right time. Wow! The smell of those ”freshest” roasted coffee beans emerges the whole room! Coffee is still volatile from various chemical reactions and has to be cooled straight away from the moment it pops out of the roasting chamber. The beans are now dumped into the machine’s stainless steel cooling bin. Cooling is now performed!

Black Bart micro-roastery

After the roasting ”tour” I had the chance join them in a blind cupping process, were we evaluated all fine samples. To make a long story short, they prepared the coffee table and coffee according to the protocol. We constantly kept notes on every stage so that we could fill in to the form all details needed about coffee’s fragrance and aroma analysis as well as its flavor analysis. Then we shared the procedure’s conclusion, by summarizing a great deal of insights that came up through cupping. Cupping coffee was the most fun and exiting part, cause all our senses were stimulated by dry and wet grounds of coffee, whilst everyone was working independently as well as a part of a team.

Black Bart micro-roastery

It was a pleasure spending a whole evening at their premises (…or shall I say ”at their pirate ship”), learning from the Black Bart team all the details about how raw coffee beans can be transformed to a cup of excellence and eventually enjoy drinking whats brewed! Must say that from their blend I tasted all the good flavours of coffee, while apart from that could clearly understood the roasters’ personality! Good luck Black Bart pirates!

Black Bart micro-roastery

Feel free to visit  Black Bart the Pirate Coffee Roastery and try their coffee through their online shop.

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  1. Renee says:

    Great post, very interesting it sounds like they make fantastic coffee and they’re so passionate about it!

  2. Ellen says:

    Love the name – Black Bart! I live in an area once filled with pirates so definitely checking this coffee out!

  3. What a fantastic experience this was – I wish the Black Bart team much success – maybe they will open up a branch in Atlanta in the near future?! 🙂

  4. Interesting item, I’ll certainly visit Black Bart!

  5. Meeta says:

    I am t4esting coffee shops and roasteries in my state for a German magazine so this was a very interesting read. Totally love the blind cupping process.

    • Editor says:

      It sounds pretty cool to me! Coffee shops around the world are so versatile nowadays. Would love to read your feedback on this German magazine.

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