Glorious spring, the spark of taking a walk

| March 22, 2016 | 3 Replies

If you are still looking for opportunities to make a weekly schedule of outdoor exercising by taking long walks, the beginning of spring is the perfect trigger of putting this plan into action! Bad weather and cold days can be no more an excuse…

Glorious spring, the spark of taking a walk

The initial thought came up to me last spring, were I desperately wanted to change my mood somehow, but every idea sounded boring or wasteful or meaningless. Then, out of the blue I decided to put together an action plan which combined my hobby for photography and daily workout routine without spending money or time to go to the gym. So I started to believe I could do it in a regular basis and that the whole concept would have a positive impact both to my health (physically and mentally) and improve my photography skills just by taking spontaneous images without thinking the whole thing too much, just for fun!

Glorious spring, the spark of taking a walk

This is my life now. Five-six days a week I wear my baggy pants, perfect and comfortable for me at every moment, and ”drag” my 38-year-old body to do an hour at least this walking workout (lol). It feels ”WOW”, not awkward anymore and I won’t exchange the benefits of doing this to my health condition. In the future ahead, I will write a post explaining everything in details, showing you the relative images taken though this ”journey”.

Glorious spring, the spark of taking a walk

People during spring get more than a little passionate about things and seek for inspiration in nature. The versatility of flower’s colors and their texture can entice you to collect your own plants, making your own flower or plant collection to your interior and exterior spaces. Growing flowers and planting trees is ideal to produce a bright overcoat of bloom, so why don’t you arrange your own nursery? Don’t forget that some of the popular plants are also available at the super markets…

Glorious spring, the spark of taking a walk

Appropriately enough, London’s Boroughs are taking care of their public parks and open spaces, making your walks desirable and pleasant. An added bonus is that there are plenty of others that walk, cycle, play around, relax, probably fit their dog walk into their daily schedule, etc. therefore your will inevitably be affected to act accordingly too. Access in most urban gardens is free, except some cases such as RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) that have an admission around 11£ (adult ticket).

Glorious spring, the spark of taking a walk

Nature wins in every aspect compelling you positively to do things that make you happy. Be as daring as you like with your walking action plan idea. With a little effort, in the long run, you will convert frustration at times to a long-lasting achievement. Keeping you pleasantly in shape, the easy way!

Glorious spring, the spark of taking a walk

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  1. Love the photos! I do enjoy walks and brining my camera or iPhone and snap random photos that inspire me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Pavani says:

    Lovely post. I have very recently started walking myself and where I walk is not half as beautiful as where you do — I wish it was, I would probably walk more 🙂

  3. Maria Lg says:

    Σε τέτοιο μέρος και εγώ τρέχω…!!!

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