Health days and quality life

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I  had such a wonderful time participating to the ”Health days and Quality life” event last Friday, here in Athens organized by my friend and blog partner Athanasia Anezaki ( who her main role was to moderate the debate on the ”Spending quality time with your children? Guilt-free time!’ issue.

health days and quality life event

health days and quality life

The speakers Alexandra A. Kapatou phycologist and child phocologist, Nikos Kafetzopoulos Clinical dietitian and Maria Karagiannopoulou judo Olympic winner, delivered a very interesting talk featuring valuable advices about children/parent behaviour, guilt-free diet and sports respectively.

health days and quality life

Here is a round-up of the event:

Alexandra A. Kapatou is wondering… ”is there really such a thing as a perfect/ideal parent?”. Depending on the child’s age the needs for game, cuddling, interacting differs and parents have to dedicate themselves completely to them, every day even if this is for 10-20minutes, which does not necessarily mean to help them study their lessons. Children are a huge source of inspiration, so observe their behavior, watch them change. Create confidence, provide them a sense of safety.

Nikos Kafetzopoulos among all suggests to turn the TV off and focus on regular family meals, eating all together around the table. Parents should avoid offering rewards or punishments using food (… it’s not the best strategy). Manage your every day meals. Encourage children eat healthy (fruits, vegetables, etc.), but stop pushing them ”eat-eat-eat”!

Maria Karagiannopoulou: Exercise can increase your energy levels, stamina and good mood in everyday  life. Tip: Get your child talk about his/her school or sport day. Sport has great power to bring people together! To get positive results, take your workout outside (e.g. 20, 30-minute outdoor workout is going for a walk and do not miss a gorgeous day outside). After her speech Mrs Karagiannopoulou and her team demonstrated judo exercises both for children and parents, as well as self-defence techniques.

health days and quality life

health days and quality life

Learn! Change! Live better!

health days and quality life

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