Mercato Metropolitano London

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A gem located in Elephant and Castle (South London) is a stylish explosion of food, coffee, drinks and events. Mercato Metropolitano (MM) is edgy yet sophisticated Italian market space with an essentially industrial aesthetic made inviting for people of all ages.

Mercato Metropolitano London

Mercato Metropolitano gave life to a once disused paper factory. Now it’s a place that mainly Londoners flock to, enjoying the benefits of having all the Italian delicacies gathered together. Rather than the typical London markets, MM has both interior and exterior communal areas, ideal for meeting new interesting people from the local community or even plan your birthday party by inviting lots of guests.

Mercato Metropolitano London

For us and our friends, when we visited MM last Saturday about 7:30-8:00p.m., the market seem quite vibrant. We took a quick look at the food stahls, while people keep coming as time passed by and the interior space where large tables were was totally packed, reminding us it’s popularity.

Mercato Metropolitano London

Mercato Metropolitano London

Our appetite was calling for traditionally baked Neapolitan pizza in a wooden fired oven, pasta and craft Italian beer. One of the pizza we choose to eat had tomato paste, cheese, rucola and sliced olives as toppings, while the second pizza included just tomato paste, cheese and sliced olives.

Mercato Metropolitano London

Overall the pizza’s size was generous, enough for two people to share, while the price for its size and taste was fair. Taste-wise, it tasted good, it had a thin layer of dough as the Italian method commands, but… the disappointing detail was that the inner part of the dough was quite chewy… One thing I can blame for that is the flour they choose to use, how long they knead the dough or that tray they served it on (kept the pizza’s steam underneath), so it was lucking of crispiness. Tagliolini al ragu bolognese was really good with a bold taste of its ingredients and the pasta itself was cooked perfectly.

Mercato Metropolitano London

As you understand Mercato Metropolitano has pretty much nothing to do with fine dining establishments, tables with white tablecloths, glass-cloche trolleys, waiters dressed with formal suits and shirts. In MM there is a warmth and friendliness that emanates from the attentive staff. It has a clean environment on all shared spaces, free from food waste on the tables and leftover plates the previous customers leave.

Mercato Metropolitano London

You are free to buy one dish e.g. from the vegetarian food stall and enjoy it to the wine bar right across to the next ”room”, while drinking wine or beer or whatever your friends decide to eat! It is certainly an urban food experience that won’t disappoint you.

Mercato Metropolitano London

Mercato Metropolitano London

Mercato Metropolitano London

Mercato Metropolitano London

Mercato Metropolitano London

A superb Italian cheese selection as well as a large cold cut  meat deli counter is part of (MM) at the deli store… Don’t miss all those fresh fruits and vegetables imported from Italian organic farms too.

Mercato Metropolitano London

Mercato Metropolitano London

Did you enjoy our visit in Mercato Metropolitano and craving for more street food in London? Read one of my posts about Culinary adventures in Maltby Street Market. You won’ t be disappointed either!

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  1. Just Jo says:

    I wish I was still living in this area of London as I would definitely be going to check it out myself. I miss London a lot!

  2. What a fun looking spot! So many yummy things to try

  3. Cindy Gordon says:

    I have never been to London! I’d love to go. Your pictures look like you had so much to do!

  4. I’ve never visited London before, but if/when I do come — this is exactly the kind of spot I will make a priority to see. Yes, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace… but for me — it’s all about the food!

  5. What a fun adventure. I love the idea of enjoying a pizza, taste testing and from the cheese stand to the vegetable stand to the wine area. This sounds like my kind of fun.

  6. Platter Talk says:

    Interesting pictures and story! Feels almost as tho I’ve been there!!!

  7. Christie says:

    We will be in London next year. Got to put this on our list to visit.

  8. Ίρις says:

    Δεν τελειώνουν οι ομορφιές του Λονδίνου, αυτά βλέπω και ζηλεύω!Τυχερή Κρυσταλλία !!!!

  9. Angela says:

    This looks like lots of fun and the pictures really capture the atmosphere.

  10. I love this. So makes me want to go!

  11. Amy says:

    That Tagliolini al ragu bolognese looks so yummy!

  12. Kristyn says:

    This looks like so much fun! I wish I lived in an area that did this sort of thing more often. How cool!

  13. I’ve been dyyyyying to go to London. This will definitely be on my list when I do get the chance to go. Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Sarah says:

    Ooh that looks like such a fun place to visit!

  15. This place is awesome.. always around there and there’s so much delicious food haha

  16. Martyn says:

    wow looks incredible!

    Would love to experience it, hopefully I will next time im in London 🙂

  17. What a fun adventure! I need to do more traveling 🙂

  18. LOVE, love love it. I’ve actually been before – and the pizza I had there was incredible. Markets are the absolute best – what an awesome adventure for you!!

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