Milk and lemon create chemistry

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Milk and lemon create chemistry. The idea of making cheese at home seems to be an abandoned dream, since products have been commercially exposed.

milk and lemon chemistry

Back in the old days members of the family were often preparing all sorts of conceivable dairy goods to keep them fed throughout the year.

Imagine a woman milking her goat, the tables and ground stained with the whey flowing from cheese moulds or later on the sweet scent of white and fresh cheese softly layering one slice of sourdough bread. Imagine the excitement of kids who learned the hard way how enjoy pure, but simple things.

I wish I could revive these memories! Now I am settled and appreciate of what I have, but still do no give up my dream. All I need is milk and lemon juice. That creates the curds which make an amazing cheese.

If you do have the time and patience to do it, though, it pays off. Make good use of what you have and benefit in future times.

milk and lemon chemistry

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