Morning sea splash

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”Let me look at nature”. This thought brought me up the poem of Konstantinos P. Kavafis, on of the most important Greek poets. I guess… both poetry and photography are totally connected with nature.

morning sea splash

Morning Sea

Let me stop here. Let me, too, look at a nature awhile.

The brilliant blue of the morning sea, of the cloudless sky,

the yellow shore; all lovely

all bathed in light.

Let me stand here. And let me pretend I see all this

(I really did see it for a minute when I first stopped)

and not my usual day-dreams here too,

my memories, those images of sensual pleasure.

-Translated by Edmund Keeley/Philip Sherrard-

morning sea splash

Θάλασσα του Πρωιού

Εδώ ας σταθώ. Κι ας δω κ’ εγώ την φύσι λίγο.

Θάλασσας του πρωιού κι ανέφελου ουρανού

λαμπρά μαβιά, και κίτρινη όχθη’ όλα

ώραία και μεγάλα φωτισμένα.

Εδώ ας σταθώ. Κι ας γελασθώ πως βλέπω αυτά

(τα είδ’ αλήθεια μια στιγμή σαν πρωτοστάθηκα)’

κι όχι κ’εδώ τες φαντασίες μου,

τες αναμνήσεις μου, τα ινδάλματα της ηδονής.




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