Purslane the green beneficial weed

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It’s rare to come across a purslane plant unless you own a big garden or field. Until recently most people little know about it and consider it as common useless weed. Τhe Greeks though call it γλιστρίδα or αντράκλα [glistrída or andákla] and treat it as beneficial herb. Internationally is often referred to as pig weed or moss rose and the Latin Portulaca oleracea.

purslane the green beneficial weed

For those who are aware of more information is a typical edible ”herb” such us parsley or dill, so next time before you pluck it from your garden, give it another chance and leave it to grow big.

My grandpa says that whomever eats purslane makes him/her act like twitters! Granpa had this trick too. He fed our canaries with a couple of purslane sprigs. He believed that this made them sing better and longer. Grandpa came from Crete, learned a lot from his grandparends and finally imparted his valuable knowledge and wisdom to us. He considered glystrida as ”medicine”. Therefore as remedy that treats and heals urinary (difficulties with urination) and digestive system (dysentery and diarrhea) problems.

purslane the green beneficial weed

The best way to eat purslane is fresh. Snip the crisp tender tops of some sprigs and incorporate them raw into the Greek salad with the rest of the ingredients (tomato, bell pepper, onion, cucumber, Greek feta cheese, etc.). It’s taste is kind of neutral, maybe slightly sour, but gives an extra green touch into your dish. My family still uses it about mid-July and August when develops its tiny leaves at the garden. When picking it reminds me that we live those ”deep summer” days. I think you can notice it around you, now and bring it into your plate. An alternative use is to treat it as pickles, by following the basic recipe (kept in sterilized jars filled with brine). So,nothing has gone to waste!

How to keep them fresh: As mentioned above you can treat purslane like parsley. Cover a bunch of sprigs all together using a dump kitchen cloth or a couple of standard kitchen paper towels, again slightly wet to protect the moisture. Secure by wrapping around a rubber band in order to keep everything in place. Then keep refrigerated and eat before the leaves wilt, about 4-5 days.

How to germinate purslane (easy/can grow anywhere): Purslane has a lot of tiny black seeds well kept in small green seed pots, that close and open to reveal them. In fact the seeds are pretty smaller than chia seeds. So, to germinate the plant, simply gather them and cultivate them into your pot. In a few weeks you’re going to enjoy your own purslane.

purslane the green beneficial weed

More information about the purslane plant: It is awkward to me but it’s worth mentioning. It is one of those plants that experience sleep like humans do on a daily basis (nyctinasty). This means at sundown they fold their tiny leaves upwards and press them together. The truth is that their movement is affected by sunlight. After sunrise the plant naturally unfolds its leaves and squashes them down again during daytime.

purslane the green beneficial weedNutrition facts/benefits: 

  1. Essential in OMEGA-3 fatty acids (in fact higher than fish oils – therefore it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO VEGETARIANS).
  2. An excellent source of VITAMIN A and E.


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  1. ~PINNED~ This look delicious. A definite must try! Please come share your blog posts over at the Home Matters Linky Party! We’d love to have you for a visit. The Door Opens Tonight 9pm Pacific Time! 🙂

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    • Editor says:

      Thank you Lorelai for the pin and invitation … will definitely visit you next time. Enjoy the rest of the day…

  2. Kallisti Giamouridou says:

    I couldn’ t imagine that glistrida (purslane) has so many nutrients. Will try to add more in our diet. We do have plenty in our garden and was thinking to take advantage of it! P.s. nice pics…

  3. Linda Ferns says:

    Thank dear for stopping my space & glad to connect with you, have a blessed

  4. Very interesting. I have not heard of this herb with medicinal properties before. Very interesting.

  5. I love using these kind of edible “weeds” in cooking. I always just feel a little bit clever. One mans weed is another mans edible creation.

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