Quince spoon sweet (preserves)

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Quince spoon sweet (preserves) complete a wonderful dinner or lunch in an absolutely glowing way. All ingredients are simple, seductively aromatic, low in calories and sweet as heaven! Mixed in with a couple of good friends, slices of quinces and extra scoops of love, the day was beautiful. Kitchen is just as beautiful a spot to spend your morning with your beloved grandmother or favorite auntie. Borrow their wisdom to match the entire sweet day – which, as it happens, is all right here!


2 large jars

You need: 

  • 2kg quince, ripe, peeled, coredquince preserves
  • 6-10 cups water
  • 1,8kg granulated sugar
  • 3g vanilla powder
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice


Cut the quinces into 1,5cm wedges.

Bring water and quinces to a simmer in large pot over low-medium heat.

Cover and cook for 20 minutes, until quinces become tender (*add more water if needed to cover fruit).

Remove the lid. Add the sugar and vanilla powder, stirring gently every once in a while with a wooden spoon. Observe that the colour is now changing into golden-red.

Cook until the syrup sets, about 30 minutes. Stir in the lemon juice . Simmer for 2 more minutes. Remove the pot from the heat and let stand until cool.

Pour quinces into sterilized jars and seal.


mycookingsecrets tips:

Do NOT use the same spoon when tasting quince preserves out of the jar. That prevents sugar from crystallizing, as well as adding lemon juice.

Keep the skin and dry the pits of the fruit, because they are used as natural medicine to treat sore throat and relieve cough (soaked in hot water, as you would have done with tea bags)

mycookingsecrets thoughts:

(*) Always keep the quinces covered with water, strictly at stage one (while tendering). Plus, It would be preferable to pour additional boiled/lukewarm water, rather than using cold/at room temperature.

About the syrup: Do NOT skim the surface! It’ s a good sign that it is in the thickening process – how to understand that it is at the thickening point: While boiling, the bubbles will turn into hexagon shape. Look closely the difference.

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