The day we dye Easter eggs

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Although Maundy Thursday is the day that the Orthodox Greeks traditionally dye their Easter eggs, I finally had the chance to deal with this issue today (Good Friday) as part of our Holy Week’s customs.

According to the Christian tradition, the eggs are mainly dyed  in red colour (either using natural or store-bought dyes), because ”red” symbolizes the blood of Jesus. My grandma used to remind us the positive side of this version and tell us that red was the colour of joy, plus it has the power to scare away evil power. Since this year our nephew was named as our little helper, we also decided to decorate them with Easter stickers with bunnies, chicks and flower patterns.

the day we dye easter eggsNatural dyes can be sufficiently achieved by adding beetroot or red onion peels or red cabbage when boiling your eggs.

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