The fair at Fanerwmeni’s monastery in Salamis Greece

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The small country Greek orthodox monastery of Fanerwmeni (homonymous area), is dedicated to the Gathering of 9 days after the assumption of Virgin Mary, when She reviled Herself at Lampros Kannelos.

The fair at Fanerwmeni's monastery in Salamis Greece

According to church’s tradition the Holy Image was found by Lambros Kannelos after he saw Her in his sleep three times. It is said that She ordered him to go to Salamis and find the Holy Image at the ruins of an old temple. The monastery is located at the northwest coast of Salamina island, in a splendid area full of pine and olive trees next to the sea. Here is the monastery’s entrance.

The fair at Fanerwmeni's monastery in Salamis Greece

The fair at Fanerwmeni's monastery in Salamis Greece

Worshipers of all ages queue to light candles and kiss Her Icon at the front of the monastery before entering in order to pray. The remarkable thing is that some people walk slowly on their knees or even walk with naked feet towards the steps of the monastery/church (not so sure if you can see the lady on the right pic), while praying, in return to a promise that they’ve been given to Virgin Mary for something that She helped them achieve (miracle). Usually this action/promise is repeated every year on this specific date.

The fair at Fanerwmeni's monastery in Salamis Greece

The two-days event (22-23/08) combines both religious and cultural aspects.

The fair at Fanerwmeni's monastery in Salamis Greece

On the same date and outside the monastery takes place a huge flea market where you can buy thousands of products, from books to clothes, tools to pets, plants to decorations. I strongly believe that this is the favorite pastime for locals and visitors that want to do shopping or just stroll around those little stalls.

The fair at Fanerwmeni's monastery in Salamis Greece

As mentioned above the merchandisers display all kind of delicacies and equipment. Let’s have a look and walk around through the rest of the pics.

Greek honey (up): This is a huge chapter to explain. Honey is so healthy and tasteful at the same, but Greek honey is considered to be one of best quality due to its climate and flora. It is the gold liquid of nature! Greek honey typical varieties are: thyme, blossom, pine tree and fir honey.

Halvadopita (down left) [halvadópita, singular]: This is a typical dessert from Syros island. This halva ”pie” is a type of nugat. The filling is made of honey, sugar, egg whites and crushed almonds. The thin white waffles that ”protect” the filling consist flour, water and salt.

Pasteli (down right) [pastéli=honey and sesame bars, singular] is a type of treat/dessert made of honey and raw sesame seeds. When the honey is heated you add the sesame seeds. Then stir well until incorporated. This mix is poured onto a tray lined with parchment paper and spread flat. Once it is completely cooled and hardened you can cut it into strips or bite-size pieces.

The fair at Fanerwmeni's monastery in Salamina Greece

Loukoumades [lukumádes (plural)=Greek donuts] are deep fried round shaped donuts served with honey (drizzled on top) and cinnamon powder. This is the classic topping, but the last few years people and mostly kids prefer to serve them with nutella, dark or white chocolate. The batter is plain and consists mainly all-purpose flour, instant yeast and water.

The fair at Fanerwmeni's monastery in Salamis GreeceKitchen utensils are pretty common at fair/street stalls. Practically you can find anything about kitchen. I could name some products. Wooden spoons, wooden boards, rolling pins, bread bin, knifes, forks, strainers, pans, etc. The pictures speak for themselves.

The fair at Fanerwmeni's monastery in Salamis GreeceLoukaniko pita (left) [lukániko píta=sausage with Greek flat bread] is a common street food like hot dogs. The ”street chefs” either use pita bread or sandwich bread, that is hot, fluffy but bigger than hot bread rolls. The filling is up to the customer. Choose between fresh tomato slices, onion, shredded carrot, shredded cabbage, chips, lettuce, gouda cheese, ham, and parsley. Add ketchup or mustard, russian salad, mayo, chilly sause, cheese sauce etc.
Psito kalamboki (right)[psitó kalambóki] is the grilled corn on the comb, charcoal bbq style. The kalamboki (ear of corn) is grilled; then salt is sprinkled on top.

The fair at Fanerwmenis monastery in Salamis Greece

At fair events across the country the public square is usually transformed into large dance floor that everyone is welcome to use during the fair. Locals and visitors dance and sing all night. Unfortunately we faced two disadvantages. The weather wasn’t allowing us to stay longer, cause of the unexpected heavy rain and then we visited the fair early in the morning to avoid the ”rush hour”, so I didn’t have the chance to shoot ”motion pics”’ while being in”kefi”, meaning loosing all the fun and the fair’s vibe. You got to wait till the next fair…

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  1. Maria Lg says:

    Όλα τα Ελληνικά πανηγύρια έχουν κάτι το “μαγικό”. Συνδιάζουν την θρησκευτική πίστη, την κοινωνική επικοινωνία, την διασκέδαση, το εμπόριο και πολλά άλλα. Απαντούν στις πνευματικές και υλικές ανάγκες μας. Φεύγεις έχοντας ψυχική-πνευματική ανάταση και μια σακουλίτσα με κάτι που αγόρασες, που μπορεί να μη το βρήσκεις εύκολα στα καταστήματα, αλλά που μπορεί και να μη το χρειάζεσαι. Εγώ αγοράζω πάντα από παιδί, το παστέλι με τα φυστίκια (αυτό δίπλα στα απλά) και καρύδα. Εσύ τι αγόρασες?

    • Editor says:

      Ευχαριστώ Μαρία για το σχόλιό σου, εγώ αγόρασα μια γλάστρα από το πανηγύρι και συγκεκριμένα μια μπουγαρινιά για να μοσχομυρίσει το μπαλκόνι! Δεν πήρα κάτι φαγώσιμο καθώς βρίσκομαι σε διατροφή.

  2. Maria Lg says:

    Αν αρχίσω και εγώ διατροφή με όλες αυτές τις “γαργαλιστικές νοστιμιές” της σελίδας σου, πόσο καιρό λες να καλύψω? Θα συγκρατηθώ άραγε σε κανονική μερίδα???……… Με προβλημάαατησες τώρα.!!!

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