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Unexpected messages can make me happy! I am delighted to announce that I have been chosen to receive the liebster award, one of the current highlights of my blogs’ career. Such an honor! When award winners take the stage it is expected to thank the host on such occasions.

The liebster award badge

In this case the host that nominated me is breaths n dreams blog and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for that!

My Participation

The liebster award

Questions asked from Marianthi (my mini interview):

Why did start blogging?

I started mycookingsecrets blog back in 2012. Actually my first post was published on June 17, 2012 and the recipe was Salmon marinate . I always loved taking and seeing food pics up until now. Today’s pics certainly do not include flash as in the past, hence feel that there has been improvement concerning my food photography skills. But the real trigger for me was the fact that I moved in Malta in order to live with my future husband and wanted to make a creative project that can be mainly related to the following ”complex”: food (contribute to Greek cuisine), photography, gardening and travel.

Who is your icon?

No one actually! I am inspired and like to follow talented people from various areas of expertise that I believe they have developed good taste as an aesthetic sence. The word ”icon” doesn’t suit me. It feels like persistently focusing on a person or metaphorically speaking… living in a cage without having the freedom to explore the rest of the world!

Whats the blog you read every day?

Dozen of blogs related with food, style, interior and exterior design, gardening, consulting and business services, health and wellness/personal care, yoga, children, crafts, any kind of photography and sports. Oh! For example, depending on the occasion, 2 months before my wedding (at the critical juncture of wedding planning lol) I was constantly looking for a dress online, As you understand, I spent a lot of time surfing the web. Reading and mind building is part of my job.

The liebster awardWhat is your biggest source of inspiration?

The sun and the rain. Those two can really set the tone and mood for coordinating my inspiration. For example, a walk by the seaside on a sunny whether and the sweetness of the cold breeze, then a cup of iced coffee could be the initiative of my brainstorming. However, if the weather is rainy and cold, I stay focused on the raindrops falling at the window, then got this powerful feeling coming from my brain cells that they send through an invisible channel all those generated ideas so fast.

What is your motto?

My and therefore mycookingsecrets motto is DO NOT WASTE FOOD, there is always a way to CREATE a dish from scratch.

What is your number one bucket list target?

My number one bucket list target is to change my blog’s layout. As a house that occasionally needs to refresh its decoration, I keep thinking simple ways to update its appearance. I am still working on that.

Where in the world is your dream destination?

A year ago it was Mexico my dream destination, but India keeps coming to my dreams. It must have been the fact that I became friends with so many Indian food bloggers, that made me fall in love with this country (find out more on Simi’s interview and Cooking simple everyday pilaf with Simi, on Deeba’s interview and Behind the blog with Deeba Rajpal , and Dolphias interview Behind the blog with Dolphia Nandi-Arnstein). This humble spirit and the breathtaking, most impriting countryside and vibrant cities attracts me to discover the land.

Indian’s cuisine is attractive too, so perfect that just puts on a smile on your face. Undoubtedly it is a food trail I want to try, from tandoori chicken, chutney, veggie biryani and refreshing lassi, to naan breads, chicken curry, tikka masala, samosa, and rabri, sevaya kheer, gajar ka halva, etc.. I can imagine myself packing my top favorite travel gear and gadgets, taking the flight to Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, leave my luggage to the hotel and then spending the whole time running around the streets taking billions of pictures with lot’s of excitement. As a ”sightseing girl”, I dream of exploring this masterpiece of architecture, the Taj Mahal in Agra. At the banks of the river Ganges, the Varanasi. Then going southern to Palolem to the beautiful beaches surrounded by lofty headlands and at last but not least the Virupaksha Temple in Hampi where it is believed that continuously operates since 7th century.
India among other things is the birthplace and land of yoga’s origins. One of my dream- to do list is to participate in an intensive yoga training course there, to live in-depth those courses provided in yoga retreats. Overall, India makes great for a 7-8 day (…and more) getaway.

the-liebster-award_4Morning or evening?

I am an early bird and want to seize every minute of the day.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I got a crush on cozy café places and want people to enjoy coffee as much as I do. My target is to own my coffee shop within 5 years.

What is your favourite Instagram account to follow?

No one at the moment. Instagram is not part of my social media life yet. But in regards to images and social media I will mention my favourite pinterest account which is Agnieszkas Palty’s account. She is an architect by training and blogs about food, travel, style and architecture.

I nominate the following for the liebster award

1.  Mama goes vintage 
2.  Swan ocean
3.  The shoogly chair
4.  Style n critics 
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6.  Unicorns in the kitchen
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8.  Krispy kadhai
9.  That healthy kitchen
10. The windmill bakery

11.  A foodie’s affairs
12.  Mad about kitchen

the liebster award

My questions for my nominees:

1. What was the initial to choose your blog’s name/title
2. What is your recent and upcoming blog project?
3. How would you describe your relationship with food? Name one of your favourite and one dish you dislike the most.
4. Name 2 books or magazines you recently read.
5. What makes you laugh?
6. Countryside or city living?
7. Describe a joyful moment of your life
8. Do you feel creative?
9. Fashionista or fasionista free?
10. Pick one of the social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest? Why did you focus on that, is it your favourite platform?

Hope you enjoyed reading the liebster award and when nominated to keep following the blog chain! Liebster means dearest in the German language, so pls SPREAD LOVE among blogs…

The liebster rules and a guide to the liebster award:

  1. Once nominated, make a post thanking and linking the lovely person who nominated you.
  2. Include the Liebster Award sticker (like the one above) in your post.
  3. Nominate other new blogger with less than two – hundred followers who you think are worthy of this award & let them know they have been nominated. (p.s. you may nominate the person who nominated you.)
  4. Answer the questions asked by the person who nominated you and then make ten questions of your own for your nominees.
  5. List the rules in your post (copy & paste).

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  1. Μαρια says:

    Κρυσταλλία μου ευχαριστώ πολύ πολύ για το δωράκι! Ινδία? Είσαι σίγουρη? Πάντως σου εύχομαι ολόψυχα να ανοίξεις το δικό σου καφεδομαγαζάκι και να σ’επισκεφτώ!

    • Editor says:

      Ευχαριστώ Μαρία! Ελπίζω να δεχθείς και να συνεχίσεις την ”αλυσίδα” ^_^ Ναι, είμαι σίγουρη. Το να βουτώ σε νέες ταξιδιωτικές προκλήσεις είναι μέρος του χαρακτήρα μου χε χε. Όσο για το καφέ μου, να είσαι σίγουρη πως θα είσαι καλεσμένη στα εγκαίνια.

  2. Κρυσταλλία μου χαίρομαι που σε γνώρισα λίγο παραπάνω μέσα από τη μίνι αυτή συνέντευξη, συγχαρητήρια για το βραβείο σου και σε ευχαριστώ για τη δική μου επιλογή ακόμη πιο πολύ. Αγαπάμε εξίσου το φαγητό και τα ταξίδια όπως και τον καφέ. Εύχομαι να κάνεις και το μικρό καφέ που ονειρεύεσαι αληθινό πολύ γρήγορα.(είναι και δικό μου όνειρο, ένα μικρό καφεδο-μαγαζάκι που να συνδυάζει τον αγαπημένο μου καφέ αλλά και τους αγαπημένους μου κάκτους και παχύφυτα) Εννοείται και εγώ με τη σειρά μου θα συνεχίσω το μοίρασμα της
    μπλογκο-αγάπης!!!! <3 <3 <3

  3. Thanks you so much for the nomination. I’m excited. I’ve never been nominated for anything before. Thanks so much xxx

  4. Shadi says:

    Thank you for the nomination, so excited 🙂

  5. yossra says:

    Thank you so much for nominating my blog. very exciting! I’m preparing my post with a big smile on my face 🙂

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