Vegan ice cream testing

| May 8, 2014 | Reply

Despite this unpredictable cold weather we are testing our new vegan ice cream. This type of ice cream is considered refreshing and so nutritious if you are looking for a dessert.

That even works if you’re not a strong supporter or following the vegan diet (especially once you add fresh and organic fruits).

What we ‘ve got here is:

  • delicious, reddish sweet Spanish strawberries, organic
  • crunchy British rhubarb stalks, organic
  • coconut cream (coconut butter), organic
  • the secret ingredient

So we are doing the best for now, by blending everything together and should wait patiently for the results.

vegan ice cream testing

Well, are you an international ice cream fan? Please leave your comment below and let us know… which is your favorite ice cream flavor that makes you feel good? We’ d love to hear about it!

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