Wake up smiling

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At last… I am back at my parents’ house, kissing the ground I walked on. This is Greece!

wake up smilingThe first rays of sunshine are splashing over my room. This made me wake up smiling. I am getting ready, but once the dress is on, and I am officially ready to start living a brand new day, I enter the kitchen where those cold summer oranges are waiting for me for my breakfast, along with a ramekin of Greek traditional yogurt and countless oat flakes. Sometimes a heaped tablespoon of organic Greek honey from the island of Ikaria is dipped into this valuable snack. There is nothing better than eating a healthy breakfast!

wake up smiling

Why is this my favorite ”wake-up” breakfast (what are the health benefits)?

Orange juice:

  • Vitamin C among all other benefits can help you improve your mood.
  • Greek summer oranges are so cheap this season (e.g. farmers’ market 2014 average price = 0,20-0,50euro per kilo)

Traditional Greek yogurt:

  • This type of yogurt contains more probiotics than any other yogurt (probiotics=for life)

Organic Greek honey:

  • Nature’s raw ”sweetener”. Local products of Ikaria such as honey are  high quality products and so beneficial for your longevity. The bees collect nectar from unique endemic plants (rich flora).

Oat flakes:

  • Great source of dietary fiber and good for cholesterol regulation.

wake up smiling

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  1. Greek oranges forever! Happy

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