You can contribute to winter bird feeding

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I was excited to see some birds twice this morning running around my balcony. It was freezing cold outside and they were looking for food. So, by writing this post the goal is to be alerted a little bit, be more sensitive about animal file/nature/fauna and most of all HELP THE BIRDS EFFECTIVELY DEAL WITH ANY COLD WEATHER CONDITIONS.

you can contribute to winter bird feeding

You will need:

  • some breadcrumbs, or you may want to include cookie crumbs, plain seed mix*
  • water


Step # 1: Spread the seeds around your balcony or doorstep surroundings or garden. In case you don’t want to make a mess, place a bowl with ”food” (as mentioned above).

Step # 2: Fill a small bowl or a bucket with water. Place it somewhere ”visible”.

(*) Plain seed mix could be: linseed, buckwheat, oats, barley,corn, cereals in general, etc. (whatever is available at home…).

Just a thought: I can understand now the difficulty and patience that wild life photographers need to capture perfectly/naturally animals while in action/movement… It is so hard to shoot a good moment in manual mode.

you can contribute to winter bird feeding

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